Fireproof gates

Fireproof gatesDecent fireproof gate must possess several characteristics, which distinguish them from ordinary, non-fireproof goals.

  • Automatic locking if fire occurs. After being activated a transmitter sends a signal to a door check that locks fireproof gate preventing fire or smoke from penetrating inside. Automatic locking is on when smoke or fire is detected.
  • High heat and sound insulating capacities of a firebreak barrier.

The main characteristics of fireproof gate are fire-resistance and deformation resistance, both able to be kept even under high temperatures.

Fireproof gate is a metal construction that works as a barrier for fire to penetrate and spread inside a building. Moreover, fireproof gate make evacuation of people and fire-fighting access to the building safer. Fireproof gate by PITERFIRE satisfy all the requirements of fire safety and are certificated.

Among advantages of fireproof gates by PITERFIRE (that can be sliding, hinged, with door) are the following:

  • Protection from penetrating and spreading of fire
  • Protection from undesirable penetrating
  • Protection from low temperatures in cold seasons

Besides, we shouldn’t ignore aesthetic function of fireproof gates, as they can be a decoration for any house.

Fireproof gate construction consists of a frame and two leaves made in the form of a box-type construction by bending. Leaves of fireproof gate and a door (if stipulated in construction) are filled with heat-insulating material that is packed in a strictly determined way in order to reach the target level of fire-resistance.

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