After-sale service

Doors, windows, walls and goals by the company “Peter Fire” have been a standard of quality in Russian market of metal-constructions for almost 10 years. The best materials, modern technologies of producing, strict monitoring of quality, professional installation – are components of our work that make products by “Peter Fire” functional and long-lived. But even the most strong and reliable constructions need after-sale service.

Metal doors need for being periodically checked: work of locks, door checks, furniture, other details, condition of door leaf.

As for windows, during exploitation may happen: sagging of leaves under their own weight, tear of furniture details, losing of glass packed tightness.

Furniture of windows, doors, goals can be obstructed with dirty; one mustn’t exclude risk of mechanical damage.

‘Peter Fire” always takes care about perfect work of its constructions. Clients of “Peter Fire” can relay upon us not only in the period of fulfilling order – but our specialists realize after-sale service and out-of-warranty service of metal constructions.

Our factory is in St. Petersburg, that’s why you don’t have to wait for delivering of necessary details from storehouse, experienced specialists come to you after a few hours you have made order.

Service of metal products by “Peter Fire” includes:

  • Check of condition, finding disrepair
  • Repair and replacing of locks
  • Regulating and replacing of door checks
  • Replacing or installation of additional furniture
  • Lubrication of furniture
  • Regulation of leaves, restoration of glass packets tightness, replacing of rubber gaskets (for windows and glass constructions)
  • Restoration of powder coating after mechanic damages (for doors and goals)

    If you find out failure in work of metal construction, all you need is to phone managers of “Peter Fire” and leave application – repair of thing and replacing of furniture will take little time, and construction will serve you for a long time.

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