Fireproof constructions

Fireproof constructions

Glass constructions look spectacular both from the housefront and indoors. Ergonomic and light, they just embody a dream of a modern designer: they separate office room, let much light in, so even small rooms visually become larger. But without any supplementary protection such a “glass” house is no stronger than a cardboard one –a building can be damaged either by a severe storm and fire, or by vandals.

In case of fire an ordinary glass tends to sweat in a couple of minutes, and elegant interior can easily turn into a snare trap. The solution is in fireproof glass walls application. This is exactly what PITERFIRE provides. The constructions are based on multilayer fireproof glass. In the course of time it loses neither integrity nor heat-insulating capacities, which are the main features of any fireproof material. Structural frame of a fireproof construction is a strong steel shape. In order to leave no tiny gap between the glass and the framework, additional heat-insulating lining is used. Affected by high temperatures, they foam, that makes it possible to keep airtightness, and therefore not to let fire to spread to the enclosed area.

Fireproof constructions at work

How do the technological ruses work in case of real danger?

Imagine the situation under the worst-case scenario: there was a short circuit, a fire broke out, you cannot put it out on your own; in the next room there is a dozen of clerks, and the rooms are separated only by a fireproof glass wall. Let us suppose this glass wall to have a technical index EIW60. Hence this very glass that seems to be no different from an ordinary one at first sight will keep fire out of the room with people during 60 minutes. It will begin to sweat layer by layer, but it won’t crack and fall into pieces on frightened people, while heat-insulating capacities won’t let heat penetrate the enclosed area. Certainly, it doesn’t mean that during whole 60 minutes clerks, as if nothing happened, will keep tapping their keyboards and waiting for firemen to arrive. But nobody will be dangerously panic-stricken: fireproof wall will stand flame during the time even under high temperatures, it is long enough to estimate the emergency scale and organize evacuation. We would like to emphasize, only those who ordered fireproof constructions from the reliable producer can expect happy ending. Glass walls by PITERFIRE have been tested in special laboratories; moreover, our company has the license for installing them, so we offer our clients fire protection of the highest level.

PITERFIRE Fireproof walls

Fireproof walls by PITERFIRE have all the characteristics of ordinary transparent walls, and at the same time have got an important advantage over them: they are fireproof. Fireproof windows EIW60 and fireproof glass doors make rooms comfortable and safe.

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