Necessity of installing fire windows

A fire-box looks almost indistinguishable from a basic one, but it is a reliable barrier for the spread of fire. High fire resistance is achieved by use of fire-resistant materials and special production technology. Fire resistant windows are installed in all buildings with high fire danger such as warehouses, industrial premises, offices, entertainment centers, etc. Windows can face outside or be installed within openings of fire barriers inside the building. In case of fire, they prevent the spread of fire to adjacent areas and protect the territory where they are set, from the effects of extreme temperatures.

The manufacturing process of fire windows is regulated by all-Union State Standard; the manufacturer must have the appropriate licenses and certificates. Such windows are made of metal profiles (aluminum or steel), and fire-resistant laminated glass. The glass consists of a different number of layers impregnated with gel which foams and absorbs the heat in case of fire. The number of layers determines insulating properties of the glass and of course affects its thickness, for example a glass with a 60-minute degree of fire resistance has a thickness of 1.5 cm. In addition, the vacuum in the chamber is filled with heat-resistant foam, which at high temperatures increases in volume and also prevents the spread of fire. The window frame can be wooden, but in this case it is necessary that the tree soak a special refractory composition. Fire resistance of fire windows can vary from 15 to 90 minutes. This means that in case of fire within a specified period of time the construction will keep the design integrity and insulating ability. The choice of a window with any fire resistance degree depends on its functionality and where it will be installed. Made-ups are painted with a powder paint, which enhances refractory properties and protects against chipping and corrosion. Color choice is limited only by imagination of the customer.

According to safety requirements, fire windows must be dumb, but additional automation systems can be installed in order to open them. These windows can be mounted only by a qualified pre-made measurement. Only this will ensure maximum compliance design with their function. A fire box is equipped with special accessories in the process of installation.

The cost of a window depends on its design, purpose, and fittings used. We must remember that a responsible manufacturer carries out not only the manufacture of windows, but their delivery, removal of old and installation of new fire designs.

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