Metal fire doors for porches

Having installed a metal fire door at entrances and porches of apartment houses and office buildings it becomes convenient and advantageous for many reasons. First, a metal door protects the house residents from outsiders and intruders. Strong and durable due to the material the door is equipped with secure locks. They are possible to hack only with special equipment that creates a lot of noise and attracts attention at any time. If there is an intercom installed at the entrance, each tenant house already knows who he opens the door for.

Second, metal doors are firmly opposed to many unfavorable factors. They protect against unwanted noise and drafts. Due to powder coating, these doors are resistant to corrosion, scratching and chipping. An insulated porch metal door provides additional heat-sealing in winter.

A good sound insulation helps keep the entrance quiet, and thus the comfort of the tenants.

Finally, a metal fire door protects against fire’s penetration and its spread in the house, provides safe evacuation of occupants in case of danger. Robust metal fire doors are usually custom-made according to the individual size doorway. Purchasing of an entrance door is necessary, as such a door protects all the tenants of an apartment building from outsiders as well as from other disasters. Especially, joint acquisition is also economically advantageous.

Metal fire doors for entrances can be single and double. Double leaf fire doors allow carrying large things into the house: this both doors are opened. At any other time, one of the doors remains fixed on a firm latch and stays closed if unnecessary.

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