Fittings for metal doors

A really strong metal door is not just a canvas of stainless steel. Naturally, the material and manufacturing of a door frame are the most important components, but without accessories - various additional elements - metal door is not at all a door. A door should be opened and closed, and therefore it needs hinges, door handles and locks. In addition, fittings are often responsible for the door’s esthetic appearance. Fittings for metal doors are divided into two classes: functional, which provides additional protection and has different functions, and esthetic, which improves the appearance of the door, helps its design blend well with the interior.

Door handle is a finishing element that each entering person has tactile contact with. Door handles can be of various shapes and configurations. The main thing for a door handle is being easy to use and resistant to constant mechanical stress. Graceful appearance and handles’ streamline significantly improve the visual perception of a metal door. PITERFIRE company offers a wide range of door handles - the customer can choose a shape according to his or her choice.

Most often handles for steel doors are made of alloys of different metals - zinc, copper, brass and alloy additions that increase the strength. After the pre-polish on the handle with a layer of copper - it provides the linkage (adhesion) between the handle’s leveling layer and the material directly. Then the handle is covered with a leveling layer of nickel in order to remove all the bumps and increase the strength of the element. After that a coloring layer is applied. In addition, several more layers can be applied to the door handle: metal, metal-ceramics, polish. Additional coatings improve the fittings’ appearance, protect the handle from chemical attacks and harmful environmental factors. PITERFIRE company specialists confirm that the door handle, made by using this technology is not only resilient to external shocks, but also has an attractive appearance.

Doors exterior can improved by various decorative trims, which are also related to fittings. They are not part of the required components for metal doors and can be set only if desired by customer.

There are several most important elements that are allocated among many functional accessories for metal doors:

Locks for metal doors are elements that provide a secure closure and easy opening of the door. They are essential for the protective function of the door, and, hence, for the security of the premises generally. Lock is rather not even an element of accessories, it is a fully separate component of a metal door. Locks are divided into different types and methods of installation and the principles of a secret mechanism operation. On PITERFIRE company website you can find a detailed article about different types of locks for metal doors and their features.

Metal door hinges are responsible for opening and closing of doors, they provide rotational movement and mount directly to the frame of the door. Metal doors require special hinges that are able to withstand considerable weight of metal construction (up to several tens of kilograms). Standard metal door hinge has two parts: a pin, which is the axis of door rotation, and the "cap", which is put on this pin. Such loops are inexpensive and very quickly become useless due to heavy load and the weight of the door leaf, also doors with such hinges begin to creak pretty fast.

Hinges on bearings serve much longer thanks to the weight of a metal door. Bearings help provide smooth glide without the unpleasant sounds. Often these loops act as Anti-theft pins - they do not allow intruders to squeeze or remove the door, even if they were able to cut the loop. Thus, quality hinges do not only perform their intended purpose, but also significantly increase the level of a front door’s tamper resistance.

Armor covers for locks increase security of a lock, protect it from any foreign drilling and mechanical action. Armor covers are made from solid alloy of various metals and have high-tech surface treatment that makes them real armor that covers the access to the secret of the lock mechanism. Overhead armor covers are less reliable because it does not exclude the chance of a sledgehammer burglary. Inset armor covers are set with a deepening inside of the door leaf, where a special hole is made according to the cover’s diameter and which is tightened by mounting screws on the inside, so there is no chance to get close to them on the outside.

Valves for metal doors are a locking mechanism that allows to quickly close the door from the inside. A valve is mounted on the inside, has no outdoor access or keys and thus precludes unauthorized access from the outside. Valve's body is made of steel pipe of large diameter, which is located inside a steel girder. A qualitatively installed valve locks the door tightly and reliably. Valves are convenient and easy to use. PITERFIRE company specialists can equip the door with a reliable valve if requested by customer.

Closers for metal doors are designed for smooth opening and closing of doors, they are a pulling device, and do not let the door swing shut abruptly. They are often used in offices, where the intensity of door operation and the number of openings is much higher than that of metal doors installed in industrial environments. When choosing a door closer it is important to take into consideration the weight and width of the metal door. Also the environmental conditions where the closer will be operated should be taken into account as not all models are designed for sharp temperature drops.

Price of a fittings set can sometimes be equal to the cost of a door leaf, but PITERFIRE company reminds that it’s these components that turn a piece of metal into a reliable, functional door.

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