Fire safety of office buildings

Fire safety of office buildings

On the completion of construction any building is thoroughly tested for compliance with fire safety regulations during construction and future use. Only after that the State Commission may adopt the structure in operation. And the requirements for public buildings are perhaps more severe than to dwelling houses. Indeed, office, retail and entertainment centers are visited by several hundreds or even thousands of people daily, and a fire in such a building can lead to disaster. The owners of the buildings, which were tested for compliance with the annual fire prevention, know that the inspector's visit to the company is not a mere formality. To prevent damage from a fire a fire alarm is not enough. Experienced designers and builders offer contractors a setting of fire designs as an additional asset protection from the spread of fire. PITERFIRE company is engaged in manufacturing and installing various designs of fire constructions such as doors, windows, partitions and different types of gates.

Fireproof entrance and interior doors meet all safety requirements and building codes. They have all the necessary quality certificates that attest to their refractory properties, the ability to maintain the integrity of insulation and construction. The doors can be both all-metal and glazed. This allows their use in various areas and interior from industrial warehouses to restaurants or cinemas.

In addition to the fire-resistant materials, while installing such doors a special seal is used which fills the free space around the perimeter of the door leaf. Exposed to heat, the seal expands and prevents the spread of fire and smoke.

A special fire-resistant laminated glass is used for manufacturing of fire windows and office partitions. PITERFIRE company can manufacture glazed structures of all sizes and configurations as ordered by client.

As for fire doors, they can be installed at the exit of a building or in parking lots, which are increasingly becoming a mandatory part of an office or shopping center. Fire doors provide the required level of security and convenience. Doors can be sliding, hinged or roll. The choice of the model depends on the willingness of the building’s owners, building’s appropriation, and the selected architectural project. Sliding or rolling shutters are often used outside as while opening they take little adjacent space. Folding-design constructions are often used within industrial facilities. Like other fire design constructions, fire doors are made of fire-resistant materials. When installing them a sealant is used, and the gate is also covered by special fire-resistant structures.

A rational owner of a building under construction will not economize on the use of safe materials and components. Installation of fire designs will significantly increase the level of safety of the building. In the case of fire such designs do not only protect against the spread of fire, but also may save dozens of lives.

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