Fire safety issues: how to avoid fire

Causes of fires can be different and sometimes even a well-protected object can be barely saved from fire. For example, during massive wildfires that spread to cities or in an arson fire preventive measures can only give you a time gap to save lives and most treasured possessions. But as a rule, most of the fires occur due to negligence and violation of the most basic rules of fire safety.

Increased attention to fire safety is required not only in industries related to the use of flammable and combustible materials, very often the cause of the fire is faulty electrical equipment. Cable overloads, short circuit, big resistance swings in networks, arcing: all of this could cause a fire.

Short circuits can occur when wire insulation is damaged; when in contact with non-isolated objects of conductive wires: at the impact of active substances, current and humidity or when assembled incorrectly. Circuiting can occur directly in electrical appliances and installations.

When a short circuit occurs, electric line dramatically reduces its resistance, and current strength considerably increases compared to normal values. Wires cannot instantly give the environment a lot of heat, the temperature increases rapidly and causes inflammation of the insulation. This is the most common cause of fire. To prevent overload and short circuit in the electrical wiring at facilities it is necessary to install preventers and special machines for safety shutdown. At the stage a building’s construction it is necessary to make sure that electricity systems have been installed correctly and in accordance with all standards of fire safety. Machines and apparatus at the production site may only be used in accordance with the manufacturers’ requirements.

Very often illiterate planning, blocking and bad housekeeping become help for fire and an obstacle for firefighters. To avoid this, one must not only correctly plan the location of furniture and equipment at the early stage of construction, but also regularly carry out comprehensive measures for fire protection.

Such preventive measures are divided into organizational, technical and operational.

Organizational measures mean correct operation of the equipment and transport, proper maintenance of buildings, territory, fire drill for employees, organizing fire technical committees, issuing orders on those matters and more.

Technical measures include compliance with fire regulations, standards in building design, at installation of electrical wiring and equipment, heating, ventilation, lighting, proper placement of equipment.

The ban on smoking in unauthorized areas, production of electric welding and any other hot work in fire-proof rooms – these are scheduled preventive measures.

Adherence to these basic requirements in most cases guarantees protection from fire and therefore allows saving people’s lives and health and valuable property.

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