Fire safety evaluation

Fire safety evaluation

At the early stages of design and construction of industrial and warehouse facilities experts clarify their compliance with various rules and regulations including fire. Fire safety evaluation makes it possible to classify facility explosion and fire and then develop the set of necessary measures.

While estimating fire safety of production facilities the following classification is used:

1) High explosive (category A)

The category A are the facilities containing flammable gases, flammable liquids, substances and materials that can explode and burn when in contact with water, oxygen, or with each other. When assigning a category, the amount of contained (used in the production) explosive and flammable substances is also considered, as well as the volume of production and its technological features. For example, if at least 5% of the total area is occupied by facilities classified as A, the entire object is classified A. But if such a facility is equipped with automatic fire extinguishment, it can be given a lower category of fire risk.

2) Explosion and fire risk (category B)

The category B includes the facilities with flammable dust or fibers, flammable liquid with a flash point of 28 to 61 degrees Celsius, flammable liquids in such a quantity that can form explosive mixtures.

3) Fire risk (Category B1 - B4)

The category B1 - B4 are the facilities containing flammable and nonflammable liquids, substances and materials capable of burning only when contacting with water, oxygen, or with each other (only if these facilities where they are stored are not related to Category A or B). The fire load is also determined by the amount of hazardous substances and the function of the object.

4) Moderate fire risk (category D)

The category D are areas containing non-combustible substances and materials in a hot, hot or molten state, as well as substances that are incinerated or disposed as fuel.

5) Reduced fire risk (category D)

The category D are areas with non-combustible substances and materials in the cold state.

A particular category of building’s fire risk sets requirements to its design and layout, organization of fire and its technical capabilities, requirements to mode and operation. That is why fire safety assessment is carried out only by specialists.

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