Double doors with remote and swing flaps

Until recently, a large double door seemed a privilege only of old housing: massive canvases are as a rule custom-made, and serve faithfully for many years. Manufacture of such non-standard constructions today and many years ago required skills and experience and, of course, it needs quality equipment and materials. Manufacturing companies of such level as PITERFIRE handle this task easily. On customer request our specialists make metal double doors with blank or hinged doors. We are ready to replace the old double door or install a new one. PITERFIRE company has accumulated vast experience in the manufacture of non-standard metal structures, so sizes, shape, and finishing of doors depend only on the customer's wishes. Steel double doors may have the same fabric or different sizes (called sesquialter) and also a blank insertion in different sizes and shapes, including arch. Blank insertion at the request of the customer can be glazed fully or partly. In everyday operation one of the doors often remains closed, so it can be made dull or swing, but equipped with additional gates. In PITERFIRE you will be offered a range of both imported and domestic furniture. Metal double doors are also equipped with different types of defense mechanisms - locks and access control systems, eyes, etc. Our masters will always help you choose, depending on the purpose and design of the door.

PITERFIRE also offers a variety of finishes of folding metal doors, from powder coating to decorating with forged elements. It is possible to select a combined finishing for example the inner door leaf is painted with powder paint and the outer one paneled with MDFs.

Bivalve metal doors from PITERFIRE consist of a two-leaf steel deck, with sound and heat insulation materials laid in between the sheets. Door sheet’s circuit is processed with a rubber seal which also provides additional noise insulation. Door locks are protected with armor covers from hacking and cutting. Thus, a two-leaf steel door is a robust and functional protection for any room, and its non-standard sizes do not affect the structural integrity. In addition, thanks to the large size double doors with hinged doors allow to carry large items in the room with no obstacle.

As for the price of metal folding doors, a customer can choose ergonomic economy options as well as door with executive class trims.

PITERFIRE experts will help you with a choice of design, furniture and door trim, give advice on using the product. After the product is manufactured, it will be delivered and installed on site. Trying to install heavy structures independently may impair the integrity of the door and even damage the retaining wall, and hence lead to additional costs. Professional installation of a folding metal door from the PITERFIRE company ensures that the construction will serve long and trouble free.

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