Do not panic! Reliable fire doors

In case of fire it is especially important not to turn the evacuation the door into a trap. Even in case of force majeure it should allow people to freely leave the danger area. On the other hand, the main design goal for the fire is to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. In normal circumstances, such a door should also protect the premises against thieves. How to reconcile conflicting functions in a single mechanism? It turns out it is quite feasible.

First, according to building codes, all fire doors ought to be equipped with a latch bolt lock. This is when on the outside the door can be opened only with a key, and inside simply by turning the knob. In fact, based on this principle there exist many conventional doors, but for fire design this is especially important. In case of fire there is no time to search for the key and any delay could cost lives. Locks for fire doors are made of fire-resistant materials, and bolt can withstand heat up to high temperatures.

It is significant for fire doors to remain tight, that is to maintain integrity in order to reliably protect against the spread of fire and smoke. So, the constructions are equipped with a closer: a device that controls an automatic closing of doors. Closers can be of several types. In general terms the principle of the mechanism is the following: a person clicks on the door to open it, the force is transmitted to the closer, the spring is compressed in its case, and then springs back to its original position, closing the door. There are also more modern modifications, for example, input can be equipped with "smoke catchers" in the case of danger the sensors send a signal, and the doors are tightly closed.

There is a mechanism which is growing more and more popular all over the world and it’s called "anti-panic". This system allows to easily and quickly open the door by pushing the handle-bar by any of the body parts. Even in turmoil, caused by the fire, this ultra-bright handle is easy to notice and even a victim can open the evacuation exit equipped by “anti-panic”.

PITERFIRE installs an "anti-panic" system on the fire doors at customer's request and it is also available to equip the doors with a normal lock which is closed from the outside, so that outsiders could not infiltrate. Installing the "anti-panic" device is not a requirement for fire safety, but if your building will always be visited by a large number of people (schools, hospitals, cinemas, shopping centers, airports, etc.), you had better not be stingy. Security measures can never be superfluous.

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