Producing of fireproof constructions in St. Petersburg

Producing of fireproof constructions in St. Petersburg

All fireproof constructions by “Peter Fire” are made in our own factory, which is situated in place Pesochny. Our factory – workshop where fireproof constructions are made, painted and fitted.

We started lines with fireproof blind doors, single-leaf and double-leaf doors; fireproof windows (also opening); fireproof goals; fireproof walls with different degrees of glasing; fire metal hatches. All the technologies were worked out by the specialists of “Peter Fire” according to building standards and rules, all products are certificated. Each step of fulfilling of order is checked.

Own factory make it possible to increase speed of fulfilling of orders and make different constructions according drafts and sketches of clients. The specialists from engineering section help to carry out all measurements and create draft. From the factory finished fireproof constructions are delivered to the object by special transport, installation is made by our fitter teams. Furniture is installed on the palace not to damage products during transportation.

“Peter Fire” provide whole complex of services: beginning measurements and drafts, and ending installation of finished fireproof constructions.

The Video of equipment for producing fireproof constructions

The Beading hydraulic press HACO

  • 3D system for design of products of metal leaf
  • Fully integrated in system Haco Soft CAD/CAM
  • Import of 2D files DXF, ME 10, HPGL
  • Import of 3D files ISES, STEP, DXF
  • Automatic calculation of sizes of detail scan
  • 3D-visuslisation of beading process on every step
  • Monitoring of possible collision of piece with the elements of machine
  • Data base with parameters of programs, instruments and materials
  • Possibility of entering new instrument
  • 3D-visualization of instrument
  • Automatic creating program for the press

Hydraulic press-shears HACO

  • 2 working cylinder
  • Big desk of punching section with multifunctional sow block. Part of the desk is removable for punching walls channels and double-T of large scale: shape under punching can partly go out of borders of the desk and set lower side to slot under the desk
  • High-strength desks of working sections are equipped with guide lines and stops
  • Machine has big outlet of punching section
  • Fast-replaced gear: connector of punch, lifter, stoppers for punches and matrixes
  • Machine is multi functional: fulfill punching holes of big size, bending bands, carving of slots in the ends of pipes, punching of walls of structural shapes, punching triangle and square slots on the side of piece
  • Way of punch in section of punching and knives in section of shears is regulated trailer
  • Possibility slowly (step by step) pulling down of punch to piece
  • In the section of shears one may cut at an angle sides of flange of angle bars
  • Working sections are equipped with safe barriers for protection of operator’s hands
  • Hydraulic system of machine has defense against overload
  • Centralized system of lubrication
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